Fiscus For the People

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My Pledge: 


 *  Defend Property Ownership:  Only through ownership of property
     can people gain wealth, privacy and security.

 *  Homestead Tax Exemption:  Give some back!  Lower taxes on personal

     homes. From surplus revenue exempt the first $100,000 of property

     value in your home from Real Estate taxes.

 *  Energy:  Strongly support developing our natural energy resources for
     the economy,  jobs and additional tax revenue.  Montana is losing billions

     of dollars while we sit on billions of dollars of resources.


 *  Tax Increases: Tax hikes must be approved by a vote of the people.
     (TEA) Taxed Enough Already.  I’ll always vote for reductions and give
     back the extra.

 *  Support:  2nd amendment, Life, and free market legislation.  Oppose

     senseless regulation.


  * Water Rights: I will protect the people’s Constitutional Rights to “Keep
    our Water.”  We use it or lose it down stream.


                              Clayton Fiscus for HD43,  1800 Mary Street, Billings, MT 59105